Thursday, August 23, 2012

Roaming through one of Pitchfork's many new site additions I decided I should update this blog and staying on track with the theme of today's roaming it is only appropriate that I post a list. Here are some of my favorite album covers. Although I am not especially fond of some of these artists I due love these covers:

Beck has a pretty enough face to pull this off and it sums up what the record is in my opinion. Almost makes me forget about the 90's. 

 I do realize Belle and Sebastian have practically the same cover art on all their albums but honestly this grouping of women looking cool is my favorite.

Apparently the singer of this band recently quit via the groups twitter. Similar to how how Frank Black of the Pixies quit via fax.

I've never heard M83's tunes but I'm not a fan of electro so I assume I'm not missing out. Regardless, this is my favorite cover out of all 8.

I love all Modest Mouse cover art but if I had never heard of Isaac Brock and saw this record in the store I would have bought it just to make my record collection look cooler. 

All Spoon covers are great as well. Not the biggest fan but believe staring at this cover while listening makes the record better. 

Like an artsy Instagram photo and should have been a Feist cover but I like it. 

Not only one of my favorite records of all time but this is another one I would have bought based on the cover alone. 

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