Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2D Branding

I won't parade around as if I know what advertising is, I'm not that good of a salesman, but growing up as a child of parents with an ad firm I've subconsciously participated in enough commercial shoots and focus groups to at least start a blog about it.

So, first off: "DoYaThing"

I love the Gorillaz and I've shook it like an Instagram but I don't own a pair of Converse. As an American Hipster I should be beaten with Hi Tops until I buy said Hi Tops. I really should have bought a pair after the Best Coast/Vampire Weekend Converse collaboration but I was on more of a Beach House eighties triangle- pattern button-up kick that day. 

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This is a clever ad but it's not the ad itself that's clever (Yes, Jamie Hewlett is great so shut up Tank Girl fans). It's Converse's decision to not directly advertise this collaboration that gives them the street cred they've been targeting. By paying Pitchfork to break the news about this collaboration Converse doesn't look like the kid in high school who was trying too hard (Ex: Me). Shoes can bring artists together and with the right apparel they may just become inspired enough to write a song. $$$. 

I really do believe this is a great campaign regardless of how sarcastic I may sound. Converse's new position as THE shoe in which to express yourself is a healthy move forward in a sports world dominated by The Swoosh. Hey Ya. 

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